Friday, February 27, 2009

"Out Of Hidding"

I love how people are calling this Rihanna sighting "Rihanna Comes Out Of Hiding", really she's on private property and some creep with a long lens stalked her long enough to snap a shot. It's not like she's at the club boozing it up.
Regardless, she's in Mexico and it seems as though the physical bruising is behind her, I'm sure it's a different story for the emotional bruising.

Model Wants Money

I love watching people fall, as long as there's no injuries I think it's fabulous. For myself though falling is one of my fears, I'm in constant fear of ending up on my ass in the winter.

Anyways, this model Sarah Welch (she was also a contestant on The Bachelor) fell into a hole that was cause by a performer before she walked out. The video of it above provides endless entertainment. As it turns out she doesn't find it as funny as me because she's suing because she suffered "great injuries to her body, shock and injuries to her nervous system" from the fall.

Most people just get a bruised ego, she damaged her nervous system.


The Lotion's On Aisle Four Hon

AnnaLynne McCord looks like she was given free run of the tanning salon, or she ell asleep on the beach with enormous sunglasses on, either way it's not cute.
This chick is 21, if she keeps up with the partying and the sun damage she's gonna look like Donatella Versace in about 3 years.
Stay hydrated Naomi!

Family Fun

The Jolie Pitt family check out The Little Mermaid on Broadway in NYC.


Divorce: Rich People Style

Kimora Lee Simmons and Russel Simmons have finalized their divorce and the money has been settled.
Here's some of the highlights:
-Kimora will receive $20,000 per child (two daughters, Ming and Aoki) per month until they reach 19.
-Kimora has sole custody of the girls and all visitations with Russel must be supervised by a Nanny or Security Guard (weird).
-Kimora is to receive a new car every three years, costing no less than $60,000, until the girls turn 16.
This shite makes me vomit, she's rich too, she owns Baby Phat and even though the clothes look like Goldmember threw up on them, they sell. I understand him having to take care of his kids but she can buy her own GD cars.

Hotness Joins Forces

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady have only been engaged a month but they tied the knot in Santa Monica yesterday.
The New England Patriots quarterback and the Brazilian supermodel wed just
before 6 p.m. at St. Monica's church, less than a mile from the beach. Brady's 1
½ son, John Edward Thomas, was present at the wedding.
John Edward Thomas is Tom Brady's toddler son with former girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, not an 80 year old former president.
Congrats to the couple.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Freeman Being Sued

The woman who was in the car with Morgan Freeman when he was in his car accident last summer is suing Freeman for cash to pay for her injuries. She also wants to clarify her relationship with Freeman.
When the accident occurred Freeman was in the middle of a divorce and it was assumed that the other passenger, Demaris Meyer, 48, was his mistress.
Demaris said in a press conference that the mistress rumor is false, "I am not 'Miss Daisy' as I have been referred to in the press. I was not and never have been his mistress, nor was I the cause of his marital breakup."
Demaris broke her wrist and scapula and suffered memory loss, All My Children style.


Just when Hugh Heffner thought there was enough room in the bed for his oxygen tank his former main blonde Holly breaks up with her boyfriend.
A rep confirmed that Holly and Chris Angel broke up but remain friends, hell they'll always have the Herpes right?
Methinks someone will come crawling back to the mansion.

It's Comming To An End Folks

George Clooney's ER episode will air on March 12th.
"A show insider tells PEOPLE that Clooney will reunite with Julianna
Margulies in a storyline that also features Susan Sarandon, making her ER debut
as a grandmother grief-stricken over the sudden death of her grandson.
The series finale airs April 2nd, you can be sure no fan will have a dry eye.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Lauren Conrad confirmed in Seventeen Magazine that this coming season, the fifth season, will be the last for The Hills.

“My biggest thing with the show was that I wanted to walk away from it
while it’s still a great thing,” she explains. “I always want to remember it
that way. I gave MTV a deadline and said, ‘This is as long as I can do it and
stay sane.’ ”

Wow having a camera follow you three times a week must be devastatingly hard, how does she do it!? And making up all those storylines...ugh...exhausting!
I would have to say that this is a smart move, how much longer can she go on pretending that she's just a regular kid from Laguna trying to make it in L.A.? How much longer do we have to watch and pretend we believe any of the shite that comes out of these people's mouths?
I would never stop and that's why I'm happy it's being taken away from me. I mean, it's not like we won't see their lives unfolding in the pages of Us Magazine anyways.

Wednesday: Cover Day

Three, count 'em, three gossip mags chose the Oscar Brad/Jen/Angelina awkwardness for the front cover.

Star and Life & Style go Rihanna.

People talks to Michelle Obama about her new home in Washington.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Hills' New Season Trailer

The trailer starts off with Lauren at a Tarot Card reading where the woman is talking about a friend she has lost, a friend that was taken away from her...blah blah blah, this dumb biatch is probably glued to her TV every Monday @ 10pm like the rest of us losers.

Heidi shows up to Lauren's B-Day partay and tears make and appearance and they hug it out.

The trailer also shows Spencer hitting on a bartender, she seems to be going along with it, you know because she's never seen the show or heard of Spencer before. This is just a blonde dude in a bar to her? Yeah whatever.

Oh and Spencer's also seen getting into a bar fight, unfortunately he looks to be winning it.

Anyways, my dumb ass is excited of course because nothing fills the void in my heart like horribly written, horribly acted reality shows. There's no meeting for this kind of addiction.

Mom and Daughter Face To Face

Octomom and Octomom's mom, Nadya and Angela, gave a 30 minute interview to RadarOnline where they talk about how Angela thinks Nadya's a whack job and there's no way she can care for the 14 children she now has. She also says that she can never let go of the fact that Nadya made the decision to keep and carry all of the embryos, she says she should have given them up for adoption since she already had half a soccer team at home.

I don't know about you but I'm pretty over this story. It only gets worse though, Nadya's father is on Oprah this afternoon and you can be sure some headline quotes come out of that interview.


Lohan Relapse?

Above we have Lindsay Lohan leaving some Oscar party and below we have an interview she gave to E! on a red carpet during the show.
This chicky is definitely back on the powder/sauce, she looks like she's about to gnaw her arm off in the interview, and the compulsive hair touching makes me want to put her ass in a straight jacket.

source source

Oscar Travels

This is weird because I actually was thinking about this do these people get the Oscar home when flying, if I won there's no way that bad boy would be checked in my suitcase.
I would probably get it it's own seat and a bag of hot nuts.
Here's Kate travelling home with her new man dressed in green.

Monday, February 23, 2009

New Face?

Madonna premiered a brand new face at the Vanity Fair party last night.
I have to say she looked great, but I can't get the image of her bending and dipping her face into a vat of wax out of my head.


Jennifer Love Hewitt got all dressed and tried her best to be Holly Golightly by having her "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in honor of her 30th birthday.

Audrey Hepburn's should have made it rain on her ass from the heavens.

Baby News

Another Spice Baby has been born.
Mel C aka Sporty Spice gave birth to a baby girl yesterday afternoon in London.
Scarlet Starr weighed in at 8 lb 3 oz.
The father is Sporty's longtime boyfriend Thomas Starr.

2009 Academy Awards: The After-Parties

A mix of shots from the Vanity Fair Party and Elton John's AIDS Foundation Post Oscar Party.