Saturday, June 30, 2007

Revenge, Britney Style

TMZ is reporting that Britney is still mad about being sent to Promises Rehab facility. They claim she feels she never had a drug or alcohol problem, and was put in by her handlers (manager, Larry Rudolf, and her mother) so they could gain control over her situation.


After leaving Promises, as paparazzi waited for the golden shot of Britney drinking again, she began getting angry that she was at a rehab facility in the first place. Britney and her assistant, Allie Sims, called Promises multiple times, asking for a copy of the report showing that she tested dirty for drugs and/or alcohol when she checked in.
We're told it took several days to get an answer. Only two reports were sent to Britney's rep, both showing no drug or alcohol use whatsoever. Most shocking, the first reported was dated March 7, 15 days after Britney checked in.

Sources say one of Britney's reps then called the facility and asked for any evidence of a dirty test, but she was told there was nothing in the file. The question -- if the first test was taken more than two weeks after Britney checked in, how could they treat her if they didn't know the problem?
Britney fired Rudolph and has now drawn a line in the sand with her mom. As for Federline, we're told he's threatened to go to court and question Britney's fitness as a mom every time there's a disagreement. Spears, who is extremely protective, does not want to expose her kids to a public battle, so she's caved on many of his demands.

Could it be that Brit is just an innocent pawn in this whole situation? If that's so she's obviously getting her revenge. She fired her manager and has now served her mom with a court order denying her access to her grandchildren.



A couple weeks back it was said that Cameron Diaz and Chris Angel were "dating" and they were pictured together a couple of times. Chris even gave a shout out to Cam prior to one of his stunts.

Well it turns out Chris isn't so much of an Angel. He's married, and his wife is no filling for divorce claiming Cameron spilt up the marriage. The couple have been married for 5 years and it was kept a secret as to not ruin his sex appeal (who knew he had any?).

Chris' wife is seeking some cash, conveniently just after Chris signed a 200 million dollar deal with a Las Vegas Casino.


What Up Henry?

Julia Roberts goes for a walk near her Los Angeles home with baby Henry.

No good shots but it's nice to see mom and baby are doing well.


Friday, June 29, 2007

Who is This?

Can you tell?

Nick and Vanessa Go Without

Nick Lechay and Vanessa Minnillo chose the naked route in Mexico while on vacation. There could be some unpleasant burning as a result of this.

Madonna Will Kick Your Ass

Madge was loking a bit scary the other day while out to dinner with friends.

Hawaii Here She Is!

Paris Hilton is in Hawaii 'Yall!
I'm not gonna say anything about this because homegirl just got out of jail...she deserves a vacate.

Sans Scientology Advisors

Katie Holmes walked free into a meeting the other day. I'm sure her handlers were close by, lurking in a bush somewhere.
Hot shoes!

Another One For The Family Album?

What's up Angie? Morning sickness or just gas?

Alanis And Woody

Alanis Morrisette was spotted with Woody Harrelson going to a concert. You may recall she was spotted with Matthew McCutmyhair the other day.
Who are you dating Ms. Thing?

STRAIGHTening Things Out

Turns out John Cusack is not gay. Click here to read the original link to the article from yesterday.
Thanks to a wonderful reader pointing it out I can clarify that the article I referenced was untrue. Turns out he was just promoting his new movie in the mag.
As an apology to John Cusack I vow to stand outside his home with a boombox playing an original song of mine, "Sorry I Said You Like that way". For as long as it takes John.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Lindsay Lohan is in big trouble. She has been in Rehab and everyone has been wishing her well and a speedy recovery but have people forgotten that she got behind the wheel while severely intoxicated? God knows what could have happened.

TMZ is reporting that her blood alcohol level was high above the state limit.

"According to multiple law enforcement sources,
toxicology reports conclude that
Lohan, 20, had “nearly twice the legal
limit” of alcohol and traces of blow in
her bloodstream when she crashed her
2005 Mercedes SL-65 convertible into a curb
on Sunset Blvd. around 5:30 AM
on May 26. In California, drivers with a .08 or higher are legally

Send her to the big house!


Mama Spears Get's Served!

TMZ has video of Britney Spears serving her mom with legal papers that state she is not to be around Sean P or Lil' JJ while on her medication. Brit claims the meds will hinder her care of the children.

There were rumors that Britney and her mom have been on the rocks for quite some time and she was planning on placing a restraining order agains Lynn Spears. I'm guessing she had no grounds for the restraining order so took this route instead.

Mrs. Spears was on the set of Jaimee Lynn's show Zoey 101 when she was confronted by Brit. Funny how it all takes place outside a trailer, no?

pic source

Where You Been Blanket?

Remember Blanket? The child who had the honor of being held outside the window by his papa!

Michael Jackson's son made an appearance yesterday but not without his mask. no because that would just be crazy...right?


A Piece of Dirty History

Bruce Willis has donated his nasty, dirty, sweaty, bloody, wifebeater that he wore in Live Free or Die Hard to the Smithsonian Museum. What a nice fella...maybe one day he'll give a used tissue to the Guggenheim.
Also given to the museum: The original Script (a masterpiece I'm sure), a poster, and an ID Bracelet.

Britney Won't Show Her TRUE COLORS

There was a rumor going around that Britney Spears was supposed to make a guest appearance on Cindy Laupers True Colors Tour. Well according to a source, Cindy doesn't want her ass because Britney will only lip sync.
I can think of many other reason she should have said no but this seems to be the only one she had a big problem with.

Alicia Silverstone Pops Up

Cher Horowitz would not approve of this get up, but Alicia looks earthly and happy out and about in LA last week.


Usher's Gonna Be A Daddy

Usher has announced that his Fiance is preggers.
"We are extremely excited at this point in our lives planning our wedding and the joy that comes with expecting our first child together,"
His Fiance, Tameka Foster, was his stylist for 7 years and is 8 years older than him.

Confirming What We Already Know

The Spice Girls got together in London to announce their worldwide reunion tour.
"The two-month tour will begin Dec. 7 in L.A. and include concerts in Las Vegas, New York City, London, Cologne, Madrid, Beijing, Hong Kong, Sydney, Capetown and Buenos Aires. "
Posh and Geri look like they've taken the years hard where as Sporty and Baby look fab! And Scary spice should get a medal for looking like that so quickly after popping one out.
source 1 2 3

Who Knew?

The Sanfransico Chronicals features JOHN CUSACK. Who knew he was gay?
Also featured as a newly Outed celeb, Norah Jones.

Did You Watch?

Paris' much anticipated interview with Larry King aired last night and I must say, the "new Paris" is nothing to write home about.
She's been saying that the dumb act is over , it's no longer cute, and that we are gonna start seeing a new, improved, more mature version of the socialite. 45 minutes into the hour show I was still waiting for an intelligent answer to a question.
When asked if she has ever done drugs she replied no. GARBAGE! We have pictures and video of her hitting the bong/pipe/joint. If you are gonna lie about that what else are you lying about? Half ass honesty gets you no where in my book.
Paris claimed to have read the bible everyday while in Prison and just before she went in, but when asked what her favorite Bible Passage was there was a long pause and then she replied "I don't have a favorite." That's what I used to say in school when I didn't do my homework.
There was one point when I saw Paris looking offstage and then she sat up straight and took her elbows off the table. Directions from a publicist maybe? Or did she catch a glimpse of herself looking fat? Who knows, but it was so mechanical.
Paris was even given a chance to show some modesty when she was asked to point out a flaw within herself...something she could change. She said her voice gets high when she's nervous. WHAT? Yep she could have said anything to make herself look human and humble but nope she goes for the superficial, yet again. No one cares about your voice.
Never allow her to do an hour interview again. She doesn't have the smarts to carry her through. At the beginning she kinda had me, but she lost me mid way through.
When asked about her fellow "Army of Skanks" (Britney , Lindsay , Nicole) she didn't take the opportunity to bash anyone. She politely said she wishes them the best and tried to move on.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Britney's Wants Kevin Back

Rumors are flying that Britney has halted the divorce proceedings with Kevin Federline. She wants him back and refuses to divorce him. Sources close to Kevin say he thinks she WACKED and doesn't want anything to do with her.

All that drama aside, I give you Britney shopping at Ralph's in LA. Britney was wearing a jacket that's a couple sizes too small with no shirt or bra underneath. SEXY!

Plaris Does People

Larry King landed tonight's first face to face interview but People Magazine landed the first article with Paris Hilton. Some Quotes:
On her first sleepless nights in prison: “I was basically in the fetal position, basically in hysterics. [But] all of the inmates were very supportive. There were girls next to me. We could talk through the vents and they were just really sweet.”
On her medical condition: “The doctors were observing me while I was there. They explained to Sheriff [Lee] Baca that they thought I was having severe anxiety, panic attacks, claustrophobia.”
On people who doubt that she will change after her jail experience: “They’re wrong and they don’t know me. I’m a good person. I’m a compassionate person. I have a big heart. I’m sincere, and they’ll see.”
On getting out: “Just being able to hug my mom felt so great, and I really needed it ’cause I haven’t had a hug in a long time.”
Aww you mean you got no hugs in the clinck? I thought prison guards were so much more affectionate than you make them out to seem.

Madonna Runs

Madonna goes running with her Daughter Lourdes' father in Central Park. She looks like she's running for the last ENSURE in the Nursing home.


For The Kids

Reese and Ryan went to a Deacon's school play.

I wonder if they still even like eachother.



Mark Whalberg was spotted at the airport looking casual and extremely HOT. It's the Boston accent that really gets me.

Guess Who?

Joking I couldn't do a guess who with know the only person stupid enought to do something like this is BRITNEY!
She lost the leotard when she got into the car the other night.

Gwen and Her Men

Gwen Stefani was a proud mom to Kingston and a proud wife to Gavin as she toted her son in her arms and her man on her shirt.

Holy Bangs Batman

Vivica A Fox must head south of the boarder to get her plastic surgery because homegirl looks tore-up!
And how many layers of bangs does she have going on there?

Beyonce Over Compensates...but for what?

Beyonce comes out in this contraption for her performance at the BET Awards last night

Then strips down to this C3P0 get up, for yet another gyrating scream fest.

And this is what she wore on the red carpet. She reminds me of one of those old ghetto silver Christmas trees.

Beyonce I ask you this, why the spectacle? You are talented, you can sing and you can hold an audience with just your voice. Leave the cruisey stage antic to those who can't sing, i.e. Britney Spears.

We've seen it all before from you...freshen up!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chris Benoit Update

Confirmed information:

"World Wrestling Entertainment star Chris Benoit strangled his wife Nancy, then smothered their 7-year-old son Daniel before hanging himself, a law enforcement official close to the investigation tells the Associated Press.

The three were found dead inside the family's secluded Fayetteville, Georgia, home on Monday, according to authorities investigating the case.

"We are currently treating this as a double homicide-suicide," Fayette County Sheriff's Department's Lt. Tommy Pope, told PEOPLE. "We feel confident that everything is contained within the home."

While they are releasing this information police still claim they are looking into other possibilities, but they are confident that the killer is not still at large.

They are also not confirming if drugs/steroids were involved in the murders.



Matthew McConaughey and Alanis Morrisette were spotted together on the beach in Malibu.
What the hell's going on here? He was rumored to be dating Camilla Alves and she's...Alanis Morisette.

She Didn't Get The Memo

Jessica pairs her LV with purple tracks this time. You are not worthy.


Rosie O'Donnell posted this photo of her daughter VIVI on her blog today and people are going nuts. Crazy readers are writing in saying how wrong and disturbing this image is.
I'm not sure what Rosie's trying to do here but she's definitely keeping her name in the press.

Not Again

Britney has busted out the see through top again.
There's more leotard in this one outfit than in a whole pre shcool dance recital.

Paris = Picaso?

Paris Hilton wrote a personal message to Harvey Levin creator of tmz . The letter thanks him for his coverage of the Prison Ordeal. His "Unbias reporting" to be exact.

Sure that's nice, but hey ,why the picture?

I know Paris doesn't like books without pictures but letters too?


Extended Care

Lindsay Lohan's mom says Lindsay will be partaking in Promises Extended Care program.

"The program, according to Promises' Web site, is designed to help people "make the transition from residential alcohol or drug rehab treatment back into their community." It includes a 12-step program and group therapy. "

According to Dina Lohan Lindsay's "doing great".


ANSWER = Johnny T

John Travola's rockin' the wig.


WWE Wrestler May Be Involved In Murder Suicide

WWE Wrestler Chris Benoit apparently killed his wife and their 7 year old over the weekend and then committed suicide on Monday.
"The bodies of Chris, Nancy, and seven-year-old Daniel were found in their home in Atlanta, Georgia. According to reports on some wrestling sites. the instruments of death (whatever they are) were apparently at the scene, causing the police to have no reason to look outside the home."
Chris was scheduled to appear on a WWE Pay Per View Event on Sunday Night but called in cancelling due to a "family emergency". The autopsy's will be performed on today.
Thoughts are with the friends and family of the victims.