Saturday, December 29, 2007


I'm headed out of town for a couple of days and would like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Back Wednesday...

Friday, December 28, 2007


Nas has released the cover for his next album and yes it's called "Nigger".
It really saddens me when people who have talent do such ridiculous things. If this is not an attempt to grab some publicity I don't know what is. Paris Hilton probably came up with this name.
I can just see people in HMV squirming, asking for this Album,
"Um, yeah excuse me...where could I find that Nas know the 'African American'...can I still say that? Sounds like Tigger? Screw it! Point me to Michael Bolton."

Share the Goods

Lindsay Lohan is in Capri, Italy to receive an award honoring her acting achievements from the annual film festival.

Two questions what are they smoking and where can I get some?


Was there something in Freaky Friday I was missing?


Drug Ring

Fergie shows off her engagement ring .

Aspen For The Holidays

Kate Hudson and Kurt Russell bond in Aspen.

Sabrina and Punky Brewsky Do Us

Gee how I love my f-listers!

Melissa Joan Heart and Soleil Moon Frye recently did a photo shoot for Us Weekly with their kids Mason and Poet Sienna Rose.

Both are pregnant and due in March.


Everything but the kitchen sink

Shirley McClain looks like she just put her down payment on a nice condo in Boca.

Who needs a fanny pack and a purse? Who needs a fanny pack at all for that matter? A visor? Elastic bottom tracks? This is never alright...not even if you're 90.



I don't really know if I think Eric Dane is hot...the first pic is HOT, but allover? I'm still on the fence.


Mischa Barton's mommy came to pick her up from the police station and homegirl looked hungover as hell!

I think some one's grounded.


London Love

In a world where love so rarely lasts Gwen and Gavin seem to make it look effortless. Here we have the couple strolling down a London street holding hands and laughing.
I give it 2 more years.

Another Hilton

Paris Hilton's little brother Baron is quite the party boy but I say we collectively try to look away. Don't let him become another Paris, the only reason she became as big as she is is because we wanted to see more of her.
Baron, I chose to not acknowledge you and your prescription bottle and your big bong. In return I ask you not to engage in anything else moderately interesting as that will make this process easier on me.


Jessica Alba was seen over the weekend with a big rock on her finger and guess what she's engaged!
"I can confirm that they are engaged," says publicist Brad Cafarelli."
I would like to say I am NOT happy for her, because she's a big crust box. Good luck to the photographer...try getting a smile out of this biznatch.


Sean Pen and Robin Wright Penn are divorcing after 11 years of marriage.
"The couple, who've been married 11 years, have two children together, Hopper Jack, 14, and Dylan Frances, 16."
Nothing last forever in Hollywood.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boo Hoo Biznatch

Jessica Alba showed off her miserable face but she also showed off a FABULOUS RING. Engaged?
SMILE HOMIE! GEEZ! Why are you such a crust-box?


Click here to watch this HIGH-LARIOUS video of a Jamie Lynn look-a-like.

What Did Mischa Get For Chiristmas?


"The former star of The O.C., 21, was pulled over at 2:46 a.m. after she was seen weaving between two lanes and not signaling for a turn, according to an L.A. County Sheriff Department statement. She was arrested for DUI and being an unlicensed driver. "


Barton was also in possession of illegal narcotics at the time of arrest.

A Day At The Movies

The Jolie-Pitt fam hit the movies over the holidays. They went to see The Water Horse and then stopped for som KFC.


Lindsay Lohan's ex boyfriend Riley Giles is selling pictures she took of herself during their relationship. They are pretty boring so I don't know who the hell's gonna buy them. Where's the blow?
Also, why do chicks take pictures of themselves in front of the mirror? Have you nothing better to do then stare at yourself and then mark that moment on film?

Where's the Book?

The first good look at Jessica Alba's bump. What no face cover?

An Explanation?

Apparently the reason for Michael Jackson's band aid fiasco is that he was playing with his son and Prince accidentally whacked him in the face. This caused Michael's upper lip to collapse. Jacko then raced to the plastic surgeon to have his mouth restored.
OK this may be an explanation but it's still bad. When someone touches your face and something collapses you may need to look into getting a bubble to live in.

A Face Like A Boot

I don't know why Mary Kate Olsen's trying to hide behind a pair of beat up boots. Looks just like her...


Where's Your Bikes?

The Lohan sisters made a appearance in New York wearing matching Spandex Pants.
Not acceptable they have a rehab for this?


Star Magazine claims that Casey Aldridge is not the father of Jamie Lynn's baby.
"Casey is being paid off to be the family’s fall guy while the real father remains unidentified. The man many suspect is the father, however, would face charges and probably prison time if he were to come forward and admit he had sex with her."
This would be a fabulous edition to the trashtastic saga that is the Spears family. They should duke it out on Maury.

Christmas On The Beach

Nicolette Sheridan and Michael Bolton spent Christmas in St Bart's.
Nicolette looks great for 44, and Michael Bolton should totally grow his hair back.

Berry Bump

Halle Berry flaunts her bump.


Paris Hilton's grandfather, Baron Hilton, has announced that he will be giving 97% of his 2.3 Billion Dollar fortune to Charity.
"Barron Hilton, the 80-year-old son of the founder of the worldwide hotel chain that carries the family name, has earmarked 97 percent of his vast fortune – nearly $2.3 billion – to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, to help the homeless with housing, find safe water in developing countries and assist other good causes around the world, it has been announced.
To Barron's heirs – who include Paris – will go the remaining three percent: some $69 million, which is said to be taxable."
Baron's father Conrad Hilton did the same thing with his fortune and Baron claims he is "proud to follow my father's example". The remaining 69 million will be split between Baron's eight children and many grandchildren.

Hilter Was Will's Homie

Will Smith was told a Scottish Newspaper that he believes there's good in everyone.
"Even Hitler didn't wake up going, 'Let me do the most evil thing I can do today.' ... I think he woke up in the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was 'good.'"
The Jewish Defence League was outraged and claimed Will's words
"spit on the memory of every person murdered by the Nazis. His disgusting words stick a knife in the backs of every veteran who fought (and sometimes died) to save the world from the intentions of Adolf Hitler."
Will has now released a statement claiming his words were misconstrued.
"It is an awful and disgusting lie. It speaks to the dangerous power of an ignorant person with a pen. I am incensed and infuriated to have to respond to such ludicrous misinterpretation. Adolph Hitler was a vile, heinous, vicious killer responsible for one of the greatest acts of evil committed on this planet."
Obviously this was completely overblown. I understand what he was originally trying to say, you know that we all have good in us and some are just messed up.

Baby Jesus-Prison Style

While most people spend their time in prison sharpening toothbrushes for weapons and trying not to make eye contact with Brenda "the Bull", Martha Stewart was was busy making a nativity scene in pottery class.
"Even though every inmate was only allowed to do one a month, and I was only there for five months, I begged because I said I was an expert potter — ceramicist actually — and could I please make the entire nativity scene."
Jail sounds fun!

Fergie Engaged

People has announced that Fergie Ferg is engaged to be married to Josh Duhamel.
"Fergie called a lot of her girlfriends today to tell them the news," a source close to the singer told PEOPLE. "She said they don't know what kind of wedding they want yet, but that she is the happiest girl on earth."
That's nice but I would like to say to my future fiance that an engagement ring at Christmas time does NOT constitute a gift. It's an engagement ring.

Monday, December 24, 2007


Wishing you all a safe and Merry Holiday!
Holiday Cards courtesy of Pretty On The Outside. FABULOUS!

Flinstones On Crack

This is what Wilma would have looked like if she took that hooking job down on Rock St.


The Jolie Pitt family is like the Royal Family. They never travel together in fear a natural disaster or assassination will wipe out the fam, but on this rare day we see them all together! In one place!
Poor Shiloh hasn't seen the light of day since shortly after birth...

Wedding News

Katherine Heigle got married over the weekend in a small ceremony in Park City, Utah.
Congrats to the couple and best wishes in the divorce proceedings.

Co-stars Stroll

Jennifer Garner and Kerri Russell take a stroll through New York and more than likely down memory lane.
Remember when they starred in Felicity together? I'm sleeping just thinking about it.