Wednesday, December 31, 2008

'Tis The Season

Charles Barkley was arrested for DUI in Arizona last night.
His blood alcohol level was tested by a mobile DUI task force on the road and after his arrest he was released to take a taxi home.
We (me) here at Whatevah do not take DUI's lightly, please get drunk tonight but also, please call your drunk ass a cab.


Matt Dillon was arrested in Vermont for doing 106 mph in a 65 mph zone. For all you Canadians out there that's 170 kms in a 100 km zone.
Dillon was driving a rented 2009 Chevy Impala, after the arrest he was taken in photographed, printed and given a citation.


Joaquin Phoenix showed up at a party in Miami Beach looking like this.

According to The Daily Mail his behavior lately has been very erratic and his friends are worried for him. Their source:
'For people who know Joaquin, it's been an incredibly traumatic year, filled
with chaos. 'Everyone wants to help but nobody's been able to break through. His
bizarre behavior has everyone worried. It's just getting scary.'

You can only hope he doesn't got the way of his brother.

No no no

We've got ourselves a bad hat alert here folks.

Maggie Gyllenhaal has thought it necessary to put some sort of bird carcass on top of her head and further more, add ear flaps and string to anchor it down.

I'm not one of those "who cares how I look, I'm warm" people. I don't agree with those people.

Also someone should look into the fact that she's harboring an Amish fugitive.

More Beach Love

Naomi Campbell is hitting the white sands with her rich ass Russian boyfriend Vladislav Doronin in Maldives.

They also met up with the hottest new accessory Stefano Gabbana and his speedo clad toy.

Being as my body temperature almost went down to legally dead this morning while travelling to work it's a given that I'm not enjoying these pictures.


Not Great

Whitney Port arrives in Los Angeles for New Years celebrations.
The City opened up with some bad numbers on Monday, it drew in 1.6 million people. Not great. She deserves those numbers for wearing those shoes though...what are those... moccasins?
Anyways she was not the biggest loser of the night. Brodie Jenner's new series 'Bromance' which aired just before didn't even hit a million. Shhh...I was one of the ashamed.
Not a good day for the untalented.

Mexico 2009

Mexico got a little more star studded yesterday. The "friends" arrived to ring in the new year!
Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Coco Puffs, Laura Dern and her hubby Ben Harper will be sipping something down south when 12:00 hits. Before Jennifer got all happy I would have said hers would be Arsenic but since she's all in love I assume she shelved her bitter self and will spring for champagne.
I'm not one who's quick to jump to conclusions but where is Johnny Boy?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Family Vacate

Nicole and Joel enjoy a Hawaiian vacation that included Kayaking and paddle boarding. Both things I would give up for a Pina Colada and a siesta while on vacate.

I do add that Nicole looks healthy, she's small but she doesn't look like an extra from the CSI Morgue.

Let's Expose Her Some More

Britney spears has been listed as the most exposed star of 2008 by USA Today .
Yeah people who breakdown, shave their head, enter then leave rehab like 3 times and lock themselves in a bathroom with their infant son until police are called tend to get talked about. Add to that a hit record and countless public appearances, BAM you've got over exposure.
Also on the list...the tabloid Holy Trinity, Brad Angelina and Jennifer Aniston.

Isla and Olive

Isla Fisher hangs out with daughter Olive. Poor little bugger has no idea her husband was sucking face with someone else at a club mere hours ago. Or maybe she does and doesn't give a rats.

Anyways the pic the guy is taking is going to be a great shot. I know because I basically stalk my nephew with my camera, I'm his personal eye is trained.

Wedded Bliss

Woody Harrelson and his longtime girlfriend/mother of his children, Laura Louie tied the knot in Hawaii this weekend. Woody's rep:
“Woody Harrelson and Laura Louie were officially married yesterday on the
island of Maui. The ceremony was attended by family and friends. The couple have
been together 20 years and are the proud parents of three daughters.”
Their three daughters are 2, 12, and 15.

Teenage Baby News

Bristol Palin (Sarah Palin's daughter) gave birth to a baby boy on Sunday in Alaska.
They named him Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, the name does not shock me. She's just carrying on the foolery her mom started with names like Track and Trig for her own kids.
She set the bad example.
These two are set to get marries in 2009, but I put my money on that they will get distracted by something shinny and forget all about it.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Yay Or Nay

I can't lie, I have rocked the stirrup tights in the past. I was in grade school and had questionable taste in pants, I can accept that, I was 8.

What's Katie's excuse? And to pair them with shorts?

Bad News.

See Ya Tommy!

Rumor has that Balthazar Getty will be eased off of Brothers And Sisters.
E!'s sources say that no one likes him and since he left his wife he's been acting "questionable", if I had a penny for every time I acted questionable at work...
Anyways, I say on with it!
I don't care for his character and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like him in real life either. Plus he's an oil heir. His great grandfather was once one of the richest men in the world, Brothers and Sisters is a paper route compared to what he'll receive from him Grand PaPa.

Borat's In Trouble

Sasha Baron Cohen was spotted making out with an unidentified woman at a club in Hollywood.
Sasha is currently married to Isla Fisher with whom has has 1 year old daughter Olive.
Bad move bud...always go the hooker back at the hotel route, regular civilians have friends who take pic in exchange for shoe money.


Sorry, you can't make the "I'm sexy" face when you are rocking the Herp front and centre.

I Think The Chicken's Done...hope you like it crispy

Donatella Versace is seen here vacationing while assaulting the eyes of every other beach goer within a 1 mile radius.
She has vowed to give up SPF of any number and food for New Years.
Click here for reminder of what she used to look like, you'd have thought it couldn't get did.

Lexie's Knocked Up

Chyler Leigh who plays Lexie Grey in Grey's Anatomy is pregnant with her third child.
Her Rep says the pregnancy will not be written into the show.
I think it should be written into the show, this show is flailing, literally like a fish without water. She just slept with Sloan who's a total commitmentphobe. She gets knocked up and we've got ourselves a story that doesn't involve some dumb blonde sleeping with a figment of her imagination.

MTV Shite Premieres

On today's edition of "Who Got A Show" I present The City and Bromance. Whitney Port and Brodie Jenner's new "reality" shows.

Both trash shows are premiering tonight on MTV, I will not be tuning into Bromance but I will allow myself to be sucked into the trash that is a Hills spin off.

Th City is not getting a break though, it took a while for The Hills to be exposed for being fake as hell but not The City!

The New York Post:
One source tells us, "She doesn't really work. She is hardly ever in the office." Those who do work for von Furstenberg, however, are in the office daily and "can't get their work done because MTV tells them they can't move any thing
at their work stations. They do so many reshoots that everything has to look
exactly the same every day."

I think it's pretty obvious the show is scripted, we don't really have to have it pointed out to us anymore. People still chose to watch this crap, myself included. It's a sickness with no rehab.

Such A Strong Word

My song of the moment.

New Couple Alert?

Us Magazine says Drew Barrymore and How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel are the new couple of the moment.
They were spotted making out at The Brass Monkey during Karaoke Night. They supposedly sang "Rainbow Connection" together...I'm sure Kermit did it better.
This is just another bar hook up for Drew Barrymore...ass it to the list.

BFF's Fo Life

Reese Witherspoon and Jake G went hiking with Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan.

Very random, feels like it should be Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck with Reese and Jake. Talking about pies and good preschools.

Although I'm sure R. D. Jr. makes a mean Brownie ;)

Holy Night

Gavin, Gwen and the kids hit up church this Christmas.
Jesus on Christmas? I thought it was all about presents?

Aspen Holidays

Goldie Hawn and her daughter Kate Hudson spent the family Christmas in Aspen as did Mariah Carey and her new child groom.
Note all the matching outfits below. Nothing says True Love like matching jackets!

Jennifer Garner spent her Christmas with the people who know her most, her true friends that see her almost everyday...the people at the Farmer's Market.

As much as I can't stand this woman I do feel pity, she really needs to get that thing out of there. She's freaking huge.

Roller Family

Miley Cyrus and family went roller skating in Nashville over the holidays, the family (including boyfriend Justin Gaston) all dressed in 80's attire.
Justin chose an off the shoulder grey sweater and skinny jeans...which not leads me to believe the relationship between him and Miley's just a fron, her's really sleeping with Billy Ray.
Anyways here's a tidbit for you...Miley was born in 1992...that was my gift to you. The weekly Monday morning "damn I'm old" thought.