Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Beach Love

Naomi Campbell is hitting the white sands with her rich ass Russian boyfriend Vladislav Doronin in Maldives.

They also met up with the hottest new accessory Stefano Gabbana and his speedo clad toy.

Being as my body temperature almost went down to legally dead this morning while travelling to work it's a given that I'm not enjoying these pictures.



K said...

Hoops if you write anywhere on here how hot you are down in Florida and that you really hate air conditioning I am going to come down to Florida and we are gonna have a little chat;)

You watching the game tonight Hoops? I'll bet you 20 Canada beats the States???

K said...

That's 20 about $0.75 to you

hooper said...

Dude, they played last night! I think that I will bet on the Canadian's too.

It is cold here. It was only 56F this morning and will only get up to 71F this afternoon. Tomorrow it will be really cold 51F. Okay, now we don't have to have that scary little chat. :p

Enjoy the game tonight.

hooper said...

Hey Jewels,

Does K wear a speedo or a t-back?

jana said...

ok I'd pay money to see that

hooper said...

Maybe a t-back with his Care Bear sweatshirt or the t could have a Care Bear print. I'll start my search right now.

K said...

I'm all speedo all the time Hoops!

Julie wore the Care Bears....I was really into you can't say anything about that because you Goddamn well know how cool He-man was!

For the Powers of Greyskull!!!!!

hooper said...

Okay Mr. He-Man Speedo Guy, since you are so maucho. Put those Speedos on and go outside to smoke your cigs tonight or right now. Please post photo ;]

K said...

I am totally going to be drunk enough tonight to do this Hoops. Look for the pics on Friday;)

Jana you are totally going to the wrong party

hooper said...

I triple dog dare you. Remember from the movie "A Christmas Story"?

Looking forward to the photos.

Remember no tricks...nothing on but the Speedo.