Monday, December 29, 2008

I Think The Chicken's Done...hope you like it crispy

Donatella Versace is seen here vacationing while assaulting the eyes of every other beach goer within a 1 mile radius.
She has vowed to give up SPF of any number and food for New Years.
Click here for reminder of what she used to look like, you'd have thought it couldn't get did.


hooper said...

When I click here, I get a story about a 14 pound baby.

I see people this dark all of the time. It is ugly. I gave up sunbathing years ago. In school we used to go out all day. Now I am paying for it.

JEWELS said...

OMG I just emailed that link to my friend that's knocked up...LOL. I sure she'll love it :)

Link changed.

hooper said...

Oh that is funny!

K said...

I seen a pic of this chick in a mag the other day and I was going to ask you if she was naturally this disgusting or how much work she had done.