Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mark Wahlberg and his wife Rhea Durham welcomed a son on September 16th. They named him Brendan.
I can't really complain about the name because all I do is bitch about celebs naming their children ridiculous names so Brendan will do. It's not Light Fixture so that's good.

J Hud Needs A Nap

Jennifer Hudson needs some Nighty Night and a shot of Benedryl.

Life's A Beach

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson take the love to Cabo.

If you are as confused about Samantha Ronson being in a pink bikini as I am welcome to the club. I would have guessed wet suit...or surfer's shorts.



Paris Herpes' My New BFF premiere's tonight and something tells me it won't be up for an Emmy next year. Because I had some free time last week I checked out the cast special and it ain't pretty.
Click here to listen to the song Paris recorded for the show, it's bad. Really bad.
If you do anything for humanity do this, don't watch this show. Don't give this shit ratings.

JJ's Sick

Janet Jackson fell ill just before her concert in Montreal last night. During sound check she was rushed to the hospital and the concert was cancelled.
If you had tickets to this show her managers are promising to reschedule, I say get your money back.

Rome Love

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are in Rome being all in love. Bastards.
When I went to Rome it was with my mother and the most romantic thing that happened was us splitting a band aid in desperate attempt to cure our blistered feet.
Anyways, bitterness aside, Justin was seen buying a vintage ring, and word is he's planning on popping the question.

Tea Time!

Tom and Katie took Suri (misery again) to Alice's Tea Cup in New York.

Looks like she enjoyed herself!


Radio Star

Britney grabbed a bite in NYC. She looks beat, in desperate need of exfoliation.

Click here to listen to her talk about her new single 'Womanizer' on Z100. She sounds happy, kinda like a cheerleader on uppers.


DJ AM Attends Service

DJ AM was able to make it to a memorial service in honor of 29 year old Chris "Lil' Chris" Baker, one of the lost passengers from the horrible plane crash in South Carolina.
AM was bandaged and you could see some burns on his neck. Travis Barker was discharged from the hospital yesterday and is on his way back to Los Angeles via bus so he missed the ceremony.
Chris Baker left behind his wife Otillia, and 2 year old son, Sebastian.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Heath's Estate To Go To Matilda

Heath Ledger's family has said that they will hand over Heath's estate to his daughter Matilda. Because the will was drafted before the birth of his daughter it was all to go to his parents and his sister. Heath's father to The Sunday Times:

"There is no claim. Our family has gifted everything to Matilda."

I'm sure it's a sizable amount but I'm also sure it's nothing in comparison to actually knowing her father.


Hotness In NYC

James Franco was spotted headed to class at NYU. Im reminded of him because I went to see Night's In Rodanthe which was one big ole snoozefest. Save some cash and buy it from the Asian mall for 2 dollars, or don't even do that, save yourself the pain all together and just get Dirty Dancing.

Kelly Taylor Will Kill Her


As Close To Flats As She Can Get

Victoria Beckham was on the arm of David at their perfume launch in New York. She must have been holding tightly because of the boots with no heals she was rocking.

You too can own these death traps by Antonio Berardi, only by order though, and they are 3,300 (pounds) a pair.




Britney's landed in New York's JFK Airport looking a little haggard and in desperate need of a wash n' cut. Keep the comeback on track homie, don't slip.

In other Britney news, remember Adnan? The pap? Well he told Heat Magazine that the rumor that he has a sex tape of Britney is true. Adnan:

"There is such a tape, but I won’t discuss prices for hypothetical enquiries. Unless there is a locked-in deal, I will go no further.”

If he's in it it may decrease the value down to a Walmart Coupon and a free lunch at Denny's.


Chistmas Not So Jolly

When the hook up rumors aren't starting then bring on the feuds!
According to OK Magazine snoozefest Reese Witherspoon hates Vince Vaughan and since they are going to start promoting their new film "Four Christmases" shortly I'm praying it turns into a slap fight in the middle of a press conference. I have high hopes.
“Promoting a movie involves long hours, and she’ll have to spend a lot of time with someone who gets under her skin. Reese is professional — she’ll grit her teeth, fake a smile and pose for pictures — but she’s not looking forward to it.”
Reese is probably mad because he didn't eat the cookies she baked for the cast and crew, or maybe he made fun of her needlepoint.
All this aside I do want to see this movie, click here to watch the preview.

Where's Zuma?

Gwen Stefani took Kingston to a fair and she made him wear track pants and jean shorts....at the same time. Call Children's Aid!
New baby Zuma stayed at home but Gwen was rocking a 'Z' pendant in his honor. I assume he's in hiding because his picture hasn't been released and taking him outside would be breach of contract, you know the norm.
Very cute.

Another Addition

We saw last week that Rumer Willis went the Kool Aid/Bingo Dabber route, but now she's also added extensions. I think it looks good, a nice distraction from her face.

Another Day Another Celeb Fashion Deal

Rachel Bilson was on hand to promote her line with DKNY.

I ask, does the fact that celebrity's name is attached to something make you wanna buy it? It does quite the opposite for me, if I saw a cute pair of shoe but turned them over and saw Paris Hilton's name I would chuck them across the store. After sanitizing my hands of course.

Just act, poorly, don't design.


Katie Does Eli

A peek at Katie Holmes' appearance on Eli Stone this season. I don't know what kind of show this is but she apparently she sings and dances, it's a Chicago style number.
All I know is the ridiculous jean situation started when she was filming this, not good.
I also have never heard anyone say they watch this so how it got renewed I have no clue. Scientology's behind this mystery. Dum Dum DUUUUMM...

Wedded Bliss

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson tied the knot in Canada this weekend.

The ceremony took place in Vancouver's Wilderness and was only attended by a couple close friends and family. Pretty predictable being as these two are hermits.

Congrats to the happy couple!


I'm Back!

And I get welcomed by news of a DUI! OH MY!
Heather Locklear was arrested late Saturday for suspicion of DUI after she was found acting "disoriented and impaired" in a parking lot. A witness claimed she was revving her engine and backed over a pair of sunglasses several times. The police were called and she was tested on site. Alcohol was ruled out but she was high as a kite on prescription meds.
This is pretty ghetto but I love the mug shot, so fierce.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Heidi and Spencer's portraits were put up in Wolfgang Puck's restaurant, Cut. It hangs among shots of other celebs such as Jack Nicholson and George Clooney. Why? I have no clue.
Seeing a portrait of these two while I'm eating would be equivalent to hanging rotted animal flesh on the walls, it would have the same effect on my appetite.
I kindly ask the world, please stop inflating these two's heads, they are big enough for bobblehead status already.

Guess Who

Who's kid is this?

Samantha and Lindsay get cozy at an Emmy Party.


This is the first thing that pops into my head when I see Halle Berry's daughter Nahla...I'm not saying exactly, it must just be the hair.
I'm going to hell...

Really Disturbing News Of The Day

Photos of Jamie Lynn Spears breastfeeding have leaked and it's causing all sorts of drama.
An innocent photo of the new mom feeding her daughter was copied at a local Walmart, and the employee tried to sell the shots. The photos were on Casey Aldridge's memory card and he was the one who took it into Walmart to make copies.
Authorities are up in arms because remember Jamie Lynn is a minor, so these allegations are being taken very seriously. Even though the pictures were not taken in a sexual setting, she is still a minor and selling or buying pictures of her exposed breast is considered involvement in child pornography. The seller/buyers can be charged with a federal offence.
This story makes me really uneasy, like the Coppertone ads. It's weird.
In conclusion I suggest they get a dark room in their house...say no to the one hour photo palace.

60 Annual Emmy Awards- Arrivals

Holly Hunter

Sandra Oh...gorgeous

Hedi Klum...who needs to go into hiding after being associated with that hosting garbage

Charlie Sheen and his expectant wife, Brooke Mueller

Vanessa Williams

60th Annual Emmys- Arrivals

Cynthia Nixon

Evangeline Lilly


Julia Louis Dreyfus

Kyra Sedgwick

Kate Walsh looked fabulous.