Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rachel McAdam chases Jeff Goldblum on the set of Morning Glory in NYC.
The film is a comedy about "a talented, morning show producer loses a promotion to her backstabbing boyfriend and returns home to Rhode Island with her life in tatters. Lured back to New York by her former network boss, she is set the challenge of reviving a struggling morning show, a task made all the more difficult by it's feuding anchors."
It also stars Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton and Patrick Wilson.

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K said...

When ever I am down town I keep an eye out for this chickie.....I picture her as a down to earth girl

Stephanie said...

I didn't know she was Canadian...turns out she got her BFA at York U. She was born in 78....I wonder if my cousin knew her...she was in that same program. Maybe

d said...

it's a small world, stephanie. i won't be the least bit surprised if she did know her

i think she seems down to earth too. i'd definetly hang out with her