Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Announcement...Wa Wa Waaaaa

I got a late night text from my TV Guide friend last night to remind me that the Jon and Kate "special episode was on tonight. I stayed up way past the time I need to go to sleep to function the next morning and of course it was an hour special. Bastards.
So anyways, it's official, Jon and Kate are separating. They announced it with about 15 minutes left in the show. Jon wanted to do cartwheels and you could almost see his feet getting ready to book it as soon as the camera turned off. Kate doesn't sound like she wants it as much, I think it's more because she's a control freak perfectionist who can't stand the thought of failing rather than actually wanting to stay together.
Doesn't really matter though because Jon has his new diamond studs (in both ears I might add) and he's ready to get the party started.

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Karin said...

I feel bad for the kids.

Bell said...

I feel bad for the whole family. I almost cried when at the end of the show it said that on June 22 paper were filed with the Court to dissolve the 10 year marriage of the couple. Divorce just sucks. I really do think John is an ass!

hoop said...

Being on a reality show almost guarantees a divorce.

liza said...

or something to get the people to keep watching!

hoop said...

Good point LIZA. Now we can watch them date and fight over child support & visitation.