Monday, June 15, 2009

Josh Duggar (1/18th of the Duggar Spawn) and his new wife Anna were on the Today show this morning and they announced what sex their baby is. I know you've been refreshing since you found out they were pregnant so here's the's a girl.
I'm sure the birth will be shot in wide screen and be a two hour special on TLC. It'll air right after John and Kate Plus 8: The Divorce Proceedings.


eva said...

I dont know why I find this strange but for a family that is very old school and doesnt believe in contraception - why are they finding out the sex of the child? you think they would wait till the birth -im all for finding out if you want to but i find it odd just that they would

hoop said...

Yep, condoms too high tech.

Ultra sound, okay.

Eva, don't try to find logic with this family. Like we say down here...they ain't right.