Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday: Cover Day

You knew J & K would be the top story on at least one of the rags this week, well they took two. People has an exclusive interview with Kate and InTouch is offering you an inside look at her private hell. Having eight kids is pretty much my idea of hell.

Us Weekly has all the dirty secrets of the New Jersey Houswives.

Star went for Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston for their cover claiming "It's On". I think it's really great that Jennifer no longer has to worry about saying Brad's name in bed.

OK! goes Twilight, those pics are from a scene these two were shooting, it's not real life playing out.
I also love "Kristen rushes to New York City for a showdown".

Life & Style is trying to get to the bottom of why Brad and Angelina are hording the Messiahs. Um hello, they are the Holy Ones. They cannot mingle with the small folk. We are limited to one sighting per year.


K said...

I heard on the radio this morning that they have actually been separated for years.....anything Jewels?

jana said...

I actually feel bad for her...I know how she is and all that but still it sucks when your marriage falls apart...I don't know first hand but I'm sure whenever I get married and then divorced that it's really going to suck for the guy

Bell said...

Rumour has it that it has been about 6 months. It definately hasn't been years. I feel bad divorce sucks.