Friday, June 19, 2009

A while back Jennifer Aniston was linked to Bradley Cooper but being as Jennifer would be linked to a trash can if she looked at it twice the news was quickly dismissed.
Well the two were spotted leaving a restaurant last night after a date and I don't hate them as a couple.
I went to see The Hangover on Wednesday and I peed. A lot.
It's funny and Bradley Cooper was extremely hot in it, like really really hot. Especially when he looked all dirty and beat up. I would do 5-10 for forcing myself on him.


hoop said...

I wish that she would just get knocked up with some perfect twins.

eva said...

Oh my god he was sooooo hott!!!! Agreed julie - I guess she likes the Brad's - if they are together than she did good

Hoop do you want her to get a pair of boobs haha that's what it sounds like your talking about "perfect twins"

hoop said...

Funny Eva!