Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Take A Seat

Chris Brown was blacklisted at the BET Awards on Sunday. Brown was supposed to be a part of the Michael Jackson tribute but was cut at the last minute.
New York Post's source claims "Jay-Z wasn't having it. He threatened to pull out of the show if Chris was involved, so BET dropped Chris."
You may have got no jail time Chris but seeing you in music purgatory is good enough for me. Sit down and STFU.

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hoop said...

Not that I am a big Jay Z fan but I respect his 'tude towards CB. I hope that he is ostracized.

d said...

jay z is a f'n idiot too. i recently saw a video of him pushing some little girl's face away from him (hard) because she was too close....yeah, jay z, you are so much better then brown. yup.

K said...

Jay Z was my new favorite rapper for a minute.....then I read D's post. Seems they're all fuckin idiots then

hoop said...

Not a fan of rap or the lifestyle. They all seem to be punks.

How is the Not Smoking? K?

K said...

Fell off last night Dhoop. Back at it this morning and really upset with myself that I caved at all. It's like starting from scratch now. God F*ck*ng Dammit!

hoop said...

It usually takes a few times. If my mother can do it...you can.