Monday, June 22, 2009

A Maybe Plea Bargain***UPDATED***

Chris Brown's preliminary hearing is set for 1:30 today (California time) and Rihanna'a set to testify.
TMZ says a deal may have been made but there's been no announcement so far.
Stay tuned...
There will be no cameras in the court room though...BOOOOO

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Chris Brown will not be serving any jail time for beating his girlfriend, Rihanna. He has pleaded guilty and instead will be serving 180 days of community service in Virginia (his home state) and will have to stay 50 yards away from Rihanna at all times, unless at an industry event in which case the distance will be lowered to 10 yards.
He will also have to enroll in and attend a domestic abuse program and will be on probation for the next 5 years.
It's funny that we still try to think about the different scenarios and actually consider the fact that a celebrity may do jail time. We never learn.
Click here to watch video of both Chris and Rihanna in court this afternoon.


hoop said...

He's a punk. And I don't know if she is stupid or just young.

k said...

She is as big of an idiot as he is if she made a deal.....I will BE F*CK*NG P*SS*D if nothing happens to this peice of sh*t

hoop said...

I'd nail him to the wall. But he'll get probation and a fine.

JEWELS said...

The deal doesn't really have anything to do with Rhianna though, it's the DA's office that would decide on the plea bargain.

She just has to show up and tell the story...which she won't have to do if the deal's been made.

hoop said...

Yep, even less punishment than I thought. Doesn't she have a big brother or a big badass friend?

K said...

That's exactly what needs to happen Hoop. However, I know someone in this situation and even after she had him threatened he didn't change.

Some dudes are just assholes and thats it. But it's alright....Virginia will have cleaner roadsides now.

hoop said...

I hope she got away.

He'll get out of any "hard" labor. If his pretty ass got put in that would be some hard labor.

Stephanie said...

I wonder what he would have gotten in jail time. Imagine...instead of even 6 months in jail (and all the torture that entails), all he has to do is community service and take some touchy-feely classes? REDICULOUS.

hoop said...

Did they look at her picture after the attack? It's not like he slapped her (not that that is okay) but he tru her a beatin'.