Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Take A Moment To Enjoy Some Johnny

Johnny Depp was celebrating the release of his newest movie with some friends at a restaurant called Gibson's. He was waited on by Mohammed A. Sekhani aka Mo aka Waiter To The Stars.
Johnny left Mo a $4,000 tip.
Mo said "Depp is the finest of all the stars I have ever waited on. And he is a true icon, and his ability to respect others is phenomenal. He loves Chicago, and Chicago loves him. Depp is one cool and generous dude."
There are stars that I think are hot, and there are stars that I would love to meet, but there's no other star that makes me feel 15 again. The word dreamy comes to mind, I actually want to marry this man.


hoop said...

He is mine. If I can just get him away from the French B.

His eyes!

I can't believe he dated Kate Moss. She is so skanky.

d said... do you become a waiter to the stars??? $4,000 in one tip! f'n sweet!

hoop said...

I'd like to also know who the most obnoxious customers are. Probably the one on the previous post would be one.