Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I feel like the cast of Law & Order: SVU is going to burst through the door any minute now and charge me for distributing child pornography.

Miley Cyrus was seen making out with a dude on the beach but it was only for her new movie The Last Song. The plot is totally original, like nothing we've ever seen:

A drama centered on a rebellious young woman who is sent to spend the summer
with her estranged father.

I would totally watch that shite though, I have poor taste in film.

In other Miley news she and her middle aged boyfriend, Justin Gaston, called it quits and while I have no desire to know why or hear the details I will tell you that he twittered this little line a while ago:

How many tears are in* there? They've gotta run out soon right?
from TwitterFon

Golden .

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