Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tough Break

This is Kimberly Vlamnick of Belgium. She claims she asked a Tattoo artist to put three small stars nears her left eye, the tattoo artist agreed and then at some point during the tat Kimberly fell asleep. When she woke up the left side of her face was covered in 56 stars.
This is too much.
So, she's now suing the tattoo artist but he says there was no foul play here and she was awake through the whole procedure, he claims she knew what was going on and even looked in the mirror through out.
Now, I have a tattoo and while it's not open heart surgery it still hurts a little. The only way I could fall asleep while having a tattoo on my face was if I pumped Jack Daniels into my arm via intravenous.
This chick totally thought this would be cool 'cause she was hammered but when she woke up sober and looked like a passed out frat boy she changed her mind.

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hoop said...

What a moron! It hurts worse to have them removed. A friend is going through it but not on her friggin' face.

Tell me it isn't a tramp stamp, Jewels.

JEWELS said...! LOL

my ankle...the claddagh ring

hoop said...

I figured you guys were Irish.

eva said...

What in holy hot hell would have her think even three stars on her face was a good idea. Really? Serves her right. Haha

hoop said...

Face tat = STUPID

K said...

YEAH!! What in holy hot hell??

Bell said...

I love stars and even have a tattoo of a shooting star... but it is not on my face! I was trying to figure out which three were suppose to be there.... I don't see any that look like they belong alone on her face, I think this definately was a series that she realized later was STUPID!

JEWELS said...

Bell I totally agree...I was looking for the same thing. I would assume right in the outer corner of the eye

jana said...

How old is this chick?
no way did her ass fall asleep while gettting a tat...nice try sista...but we all know it's not like getting a massage

JEWELS said...

She's only 18