Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gosselin News To Come

John and Kate Gosselin will be making an announcement on this coming Monday's show.

"Recently we've made some life changing desicions. Decisions that will affect
every member of our family...ones that we hope will bring each of us some

If you can't see the video above, phrases like "A relationship at a crossroads" and "Where do they go from here?" flash across the screen and it's Kate speaking on the voice over.

I'm getting really mad that I have to watch this shite. I had to watch the premiere because of all the hype and now this? GD it!



jana said...

Oh I'll be tuned right in...yup I'm a SAD ASS

eva said...

I feel sad that they arent even going to go to counseling if they break up. Like you think they would stop the show before they gave up on their marriage. I don't get it! I guess fame is more important

K said...

Good point Eva.

Melissa said...

It's just stunt to bring their ratings back up....they've been doing a nose dive since the premiere. (damn I know too much about this show...guess I'm joining the sad ass train) lol

Karin said...

I will definitely be tuning it, but it seems like the media is taking it a bit too far when "Kate and Jon's fate" is a headline on the Globe's website.