Monday, June 29, 2009

Crossed Line

OK! Magazine's cover this week has Michael Jackson's last pictures, quite literally the last pictures of him. He's in the back of the ambulance with a tube in his throat.

They also have the nerve to put on the issue "The Official Tribute Issue".

I have seen the pictures, there's no way in Hell I would ever have posted them and I though there was no way in hell any magazine other than the National Enquirer would run them. Well I was wrong.

It's not like I can boycott since I don't think I've ever bought an OK! Magazine but if you do I urge you not buy this one, seriously, this is disgusting

Google it if you care to see it, but don't buy it.

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d said...

i am going to forward you an email that i just received. another line crossed. it was far from funny.

eva said...


hoop said...

I'll pass.

Thanks for the warning.