Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Miley Moment...brought to you by Penthouse

People's cornia's are busting again after more "sexy" pictures of Miley Cyrus have hit the web. They were taken in the make up room of her new film about a wild teen.
Look, teenagers are skanks, they were skanks way back when I was a skank and they are still skanks now. It's a weird time in your life when you think you are sexually mature and can pull off this kind of shite. This is not new.
It's just sad that every time Miley takes a picture they end up on the web for 20 something people like myself to mock and pick apart.
I would suggest she stop taking pics like this but we all know that's not going to happen, she obviously loves herself way too much for that. So keep on taking those ridiculous bathroom mirror shots that everyone thinks is greatness.

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d said...

keeping it real on the blog lol "teenagers are skanks"...sad, but true

jana said...

who is the guy in the pic with her?

hoop said...

At least it isn't her dad this time.

Karin said...

good point.

JEWELS said...

He's the producer of the movie

hoop said...

Now we know how she got the part...the good old fashion way.