Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Arrest For Pete

Pete Doherty has been arrested this morning in Gloucester, UK for Suspicion of DUI, Drug Possession and Failure to stop for police.
I don't understand why it's "suspicion of DUI" anytime you see Pete Doherty driving it's pretty much a guarantee he's Driving under the influence.
He's still in custody awaiting questioning.


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hoop said...

Love this guy. Never a dull moment. This is his cleaned up look. It looks like he has a fear of toothbrushes.

jana said...

Ahhh just the picture of health...should be a billboard

K said...

What a loser.

Karin said...

hot stuff

d said...

i like hearing about him too cause his brain doesn't function properly so you never know what to expect...but at the same time i'm sure i'll get disgusted quite quickly and never want to see/hear about him again. think cat smoking crack situation....uuuurrrrr!!!!~!!!!!!