Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Dont' Forget Your Dry Shampoo!

Last night's premiere of I'm A Celebrity, get me out of here! Had me at Hello.
I'm hooked and unfortunately will watch this trash for the whole three weeks it graces the waves.
Us Magazine claims to have an exclusive though and it's that Heidi and Spender have quit...for real this time. They threatened to leave twice during the premiere episode last night but failed to leave they apparently left after last night's live portion of the show..the trauma tank or whatever.
I say good riddance, Spencer's eyes are far too close together and apparently the jungle makes it even more noticeable.
Oh and the chick from Frangela deserves a medal for not giving him the beat down after he slapped her bottle out of her hand. I would have went postal on his bleached bearded ass.
My fav was Lou Diamond Philips..LDP for the WIN!

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jana said...

I have to watch this carry-on tonight....
he always looks nuts to me

hoop said...

Yes, I too will check it out. Only watch a little last night. It was up against House.