Thursday, June 04, 2009

Today seems to be the day of the Stalker.

There's stories this morning that Lindsay Lohan is in London trailing Samantha's every move.

After a quick visit to Crystal nightclub, Lohan stopped by Bungalow 8 where
Ronson just happened to be partying with her brother, Mark Ronson, and his
girlfriend, Josephine de La Baume.

Upon Lohan’s arrival, Ronson quickly left the nightclub to return to her hotel.
But apparently, her escape wasn’t fast enough.
Lohan, 22, reportedly followed her ex back to the Blakes Hotel, where they both spent the night.

Coincidentally, Ronson’s hotel happens to be down the road from where the actress has a room in the Lanesborough Hotel.

A good stalker knows that none of this is hard enought evidence to get a restraining order.

Come on, I don't buy that Lindsay's that desperate, I asuume they just don't want to be photographed together so it looks like Lindsay's always a couple minute behind Samantha. One cannot be that desperate.


K said...

I agree. If she is that deparate though it's just sad.

hoop said...

Ew and for Sam R. She is totally unattractive and seems like a bitch.