Monday, June 15, 2009

Stop John Mayer, Just Stop

John Mayer and Rob from MTV's Rob & Big hit the town this Saturday and this is the state in which Rob left the club. Hot, no? This is totally what I look for in a man, the inability to hold his liquor.
Anyways John tweeted later in the evening that Rob had to have his stomach pumped.
"In triage at Cedars with @robdyrdek. When the contents of his
stomach hit that silicon bag and we all saw it, we just broke into
I won't slag the 'apluse' typo because my ass rarely has time for spell check so I'll let that go.
I will say however that the world has never before seen a douche like Mayer. Being a grown ass man tweeting about another grown ass man having to have his stomach pumped is not cool.
See this John Mayer.


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K said...

Well....can't say this has never happened to me so I will go easy on him......However, at times when it is just too GD hard to stand remain seated. Do not move or talk to anyone, let alone try to walk out of the club.

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Karin said...

ohh no no no John...why! Why does he think we care about hearing this? For his most recent twitter, I am NOT playing John Mayer's record for a week

hoop said...

K, your website is down.