Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have a love hate relationship with Reese Witherspoon, sometimes I think she's cool and then other times I think she's a yuppie mom who thinks she's better than everyone else.

Here's what Reese had to say about her not doing Nudity...

"I had my first baby when I was 23, so for me, no. I've always been
choosing roles knowing that I have a daughter and I have a responsibility to her
and to the world to be representing women of strength.

These are the women I know in life. "

Right, great you don't want to be seen naked, almost everyone woman in North America feels that way. I'm not applying for a night gig at Jilly's anytime soon either but I'm also not saying that it's because I'm a woman of strength.

It's like saying actresses like Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johannson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and many many more are not as strong as you because they've done nude scenes? They are less of a woman and have less strength?

Get over yourself.


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K said...

Yeah!! Just do them already;)

jana said...

LOL @ Bud.....
I can't say that I think women who don't do nude scenes are women of strength...that is not what defines "a women of strength" for me....she should have worded it differently how it's a personal choice in regards to her and her the end of the day there is nothing wrong with nudity but some ppl are just more comfortable with that then others...and btw I would totally never do a nude scene....I mean I'd be nude under my clothes but that's it

hoop said...

How about some male nude scenes? Where is the equality? All we get is the occasional butt scene for like a half a second.

I could only do a nude scene if it were about a freak show. I had peritonitis and was about to die. They had to filet me like a fish. No bikinis either.

hoop said...

She does sound a bit Goopy here.