Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Love

Rihanna and Canadian Rapper, Drake (aka Jimmy Brooks) were together at a Black Eyed Peas party last night in NYC.
"Rihanna – looking stunning in a light grey sweater dress and large hoop
earrings – arrived at The Griffin shortly after 11:30 p.m. and stayed nearly two
hours. Drake left a bit earlier – only to wait outside the club's front doors.
Both he and Rihanna drove off at the same time, in separate vehicles.
Rihanna was officially served yesterday and will be forced to testify in court at Chris Brown's June 22nd hearing. Her attorney assured the press that Rihanna will be there and will answer everything truthfully.

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Anonymous said...

so he is or isn't in a wheelchair?

JEWELS said...

In real life no wheelchair, on Degrassi:The Next Generation...wheelchair.

I'm waiting for the second he starts to rap about being tough or gangster because the bastard grew up in Forest Hill (one of the richest areas in Toronto)

K said...

Oh yeah.....he'll rap about the know the day his Daddy drove him through Regent