Tuesday, June 09, 2009

More Proof Jessica Alba's A Dumbass

Jessica Alba was filming her next crap fest in Oklahoma City and she decided to plaster posters of great White sharks over the city. She did this to bring awareness to the fact that their population is thinning. It's just a pic of a shark though...no explanation as to why it's there so nobody even knew what the hell they represented.
This was supposed to be anonymous, and you know when you do anonymous things you always take pictures right? !
"One of the spots she's accused of tagging was a billboard for the United
Way. A rep for the non-profit organization told us although the billboard was
donated, they'll probably have to pay out of their own pocket to replace
Yeah so she photographed herself illegally plastering a posted over a billboard for
The United Way, her Rep must be so pleased.

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K said...

I love these people who take a stand....

I am against the seal hunt in Canada....anybody want to join me in plastering posters of bunnies across T Dot to send a message?

Go the F*** away!

A lot of musicians doing this lately as well. Coming out in support of a cause and not having a GD clue what they're talking about......All want to be the next Geldof.

Tell me why.... I don't like Mondays...I know you're all singing it....well those of you who are as old as I am anyway are.

hoop said...

Tell me why.
I don't like Mondays.
I want to shoot the whole day down.

That chick is still in jail...thank God.

By the way, you are just a youngin'.

K said...

Young at heart...Yes
Young in numbers...yes

back to back nights of soccer then hockey and I am not feeling too GD young this morning.

hoop said...

Yes, it would probably be more healthy to stop those activities and sit on the couch drinking beer every night and all weekend. Within a few months, you will see amazing results in the shape of your figure.

Dr. Hoop

K said...

Now that is a training regiment I can get on board with.

jana said...

Ummm when do we have to stop considering ourselves young???

hoop said...

It's tough at first but it gets easier and easier almost like a habit.

Loss of self esteem is a side effect.