Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Kate Hudson's apparently back to bumping herpes with Madonna's once upon a time, A-Rod. And when Kate and Madonna were found at the same event over the weekend it was a throwback to the Mean Girls Days of high School.

Kate was sitting in the VIP section at a Polo Match and when she heard Madonna had arrived she booked it.

“Kate was completely intimidated by Madonna. She clearly didn't want trouble
and decided to keep a low profile for the rest of the match,” the New York Daily

quoted a guest as saying. A second guest added: “I didn't even see Kate Hudson again after Madonna arrived. She ran away! But if I were dating Madonna's ex, I'd be scared, too!”

People are even saying Kate rocked the hat and sunglasses because she was in disguise, I say she looks like a rich person going to a polo match. This is exactly what I wore to go see the Royals play polo.


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Melissa said...

see the dark hair looks alright in this shot.

JEWELS said...

yeah Melissa I agree that last shot was bad news.