Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ask The Gay

Ellen Degeneres on Adam Lambert's Rolling Stone Cover:
“I’m proud of him. Obviously, a lot of people speculated. But you can’t
just guess that a guy is gay just because he wears makeup,” she said. “I’m a
huge advocate for someone living their honest, truthful life. I think that’s
what our responsibility is. We have this life, this opportunity — not only for
ourselves to be truthful because that’s a healthy way to live, but if you can
help other people who are struggling.”

So should he have come out sooner — maybe during American Idol? “Who’s
to say? He didn’t have to do it all. To say the timing is convenient is after
the fact. He’s just starting his career.” She says that maybe, “he was told
let’s just get through American Idol. Everyone has a lot of people saying you
should do this and you should do this. The fact is he’s just really starting his
career. I’m really proud of him, and there are lot of people who are still not
out in this business.”

She's like The Dear Abbey for coming out of the closet.

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jana said...

I've got to say she is right though...he didn't have to say anything at the end of the day what does it matter if he is gay or not....
I can only imagine coming out is a huge deal so ppl should do it when and where they want and on their own time....
Personally I could care less about ppl's sexuality...the fact of the matter is the boy can sing

d said...

i love that ellen is a cover girl :)

that was so random of me lol

Bell said...

I'm just waiting for Adam and Clay to hook up - they obviously like each other if they keep bashing each other.

JEWELS said...

It's like Kindergarten all over again...

K said...

I guess he felt it needed to be cleared up...I wasn't sure.

hoop said...

It was shocking news but I am getting over it.