Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Another Shocking Cover

Adam Lambert graces the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine looking like Britney Spears circa 1999.
This is the issue where he reveals the big secret...He's Gay. Hold your gasps...
“I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay.
Right after the finale, I almost started talking about it to the reporters, but
I thought, ‘I’m going to wait for Rolling Stone, that will be cooler.' I didn’t
want the Clay Aiken thing and the celebrity-
magazine bullshit.
I need to be able to explain myself in context (ed note: NO YOU DIDN'T,
GURRRRL!). I’m proud of my sexuality. I embrace it. It’s just another part of
me. I’m trying to be a singer, not a civil rights leader."
The snake is real subtle. They may as well have put him in chaps and had him hold a bottle of KY.


hoop said...


Rolling Stone used to be cool. This is totally not cool.

d said...

what's with the butterfly?!?

Stephanie said...

My thoughts exactly D!

Melissa said...


hoop said...

I think the butterfly is a symbol of the freedom to flit around as much as he desires and well, what do I need to say about the snake?

Hey where is K. I'd love to hear his thoughts on this. Off on another vacation? Must be nice.

K said...

Still here Dhoop. Only have like 8 vacation days left and I'm trying to save them up.

I, for a while collected a few issues of Rolling Stone as I consider myself a music fan. Now I wouldn't touch the mag for free. Piece of crap. Tabloid of music.

I think it all started with the original Britney cover....Fans of Brit can get the Teen Bop mags and shite...this was all we had and it's gone! Spin still does alright.

As for this doufus...WTF cares? Like we didn't know?
That's like Jewels calling a press conference to tell people she only drinks white rum......WE KNOW!

hoop said...

I used to like High Times for different reasons. The last time I picked up a Rolling Stone was when they had an interview with Keith R. In the interview he said that he now (at that time) only used heroin recreationally.

Only 8!!! I have about 2. We don't get many down here.