Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tommy Does Canada

Say what you will about Tom Cruise but it is cold as HALE here in Toronto and he stood outside signing autographs and taking schnapps with his fans yesterday forever.

He was at MuchMusic's MOD and not only was he a good sport (as always) he even judges a guitar hero competition with dude dressed as his character in Risky Business. Actually that was probably as enjoyable as Christmas and his birthday all in one for him.

Anyways, Tom proved to be his humble self yet again, and he's toned down the crazy too! He's no longer talking publicly about Scientology, when you ask him he simply answers "Go to the website".

I love him...I can't deny it.


jana said...

did he mention that he was gay or no????

JEWELS said...

Well there was the Risky Business boys

K said...

Oh no he is a whack job for sure. Just with better manager now

JEWELS said...

No he's still a whack job...but a very nice one

hooper said...


Yes, he is a loon.

Run Katie Run.