Monday, December 08, 2008


I can't believe I forgot to post a HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY message to Knut this past Friday...shame on me.
My favorite animal in the world (besides you Toopy) KNUT, may be moving, apparently he needs some action. He's of age to mate and there are several zoo's who have suitable candidates. I would have to approve first, I don't want no hoochie shacking up with Knut, they only want him because he's's sooo hard being the most popular bear in the world.

He's also moving because he's getting too big for his enclosure. He's apparently earned more than 5 million Euro for the zoo since his birth but they can't afford to get him a new pad. That's sad.

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K said...

Knut is looking pretty haggard over there.

Ready to mate....good for him!