Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday: Cover Day!

Star makes a whole cover out of Jennifer Love Hewitt's ass.

Us Magazine says Bradley chose Rene over Jennifer, doesn't seem like too hard a decision.

Sherri Shepherd showcases her weight loss on the cover of OK. That "without surgery" line is definitely a stab at Star Jones.

Life & Style holds back with Dirt, I believe Douche is what they are meaning.

InTouch says Xenu and Katie are on the outs. They also say Brad Pitt's drinking "isn't a joke", drinking is never a joke. I probably drank more on my last vacate then he has all year.

Alyssa Milano shares her wedding photos with People Magazine.


K said...

I personally would have chose Jen Anniston. Rene weirds me out.

Karin said...

how could any man resist that hair!