Thursday, August 06, 2009

Who Wore It Better?

Sophia Bush vs Kerri Washington

Madge vs Whitney

Kim Kardashian vs Ali Larter

Kelly Taylor vs This Other Chick

Carrie underwood vs Carmen Electra


d said...

everyone on the left side wore it best

K said...

I agree with D except on Madonna. I think Houston looks better

hoop said...

I'm with K. What is up with Kerri's knees?

It was hard to vote for KK. Not a fan.

d said...

i love the shoes that magde paired with it, and i didn't like the choker that whitney wore....the dress itself does fit/look better on whitney though, but all in all i think madge wore it better

i also had a hard time choosing between christina applegate and the other chick. i thought christina's boobs hung too low and that she needed a better bra to wear it better, but then i remebered she had breast cancer and now has fake boobs so i didn't think it would be very nice of me to use that as a reason! lol

those were the only two i really had to think about. everyone else on the left wore it better no questions asked :)

Bell said...

That's not Christina Applegate so you can use that as an excuse D! ;) That is Jenny Garth.

d said...

ekk! okay, the other chick wore it better then. She wore a better bra and i like the outfit better with black shoes. thanks, bell :)

liza said...

sophia, whitney ,kim kelly and carrie

Bell said...

I think "the Other Chick" may be the actress who played Daphne on True Blood... but I could be wrong.