Friday, August 14, 2009

Two Jackasses One Post

Douche on wheels.

Bill Cosby's somewhere really pissed because he's cold, haven't you done enough Chris Brown?



jana said...

is that JT???

Oh god I remember going for a motorcycle ride and having to wear that half helmet business...all I kept thinking that if Jules could see me now she would die laughing

hoop said...

Yes, Jewels who is the white guy?

Douche is too kind for woman beater Chris Brown...I know but he said he was sowwy.

Speaking of human garbage...Michael Vick is going to play for the NFL.

JEWELS said...

Justine Timberlake.

Michael Vick is the lowest form of human

hoop said...

But the NFL is going to pay him millions. He is well hated down here. Hopefully, he'll get booed and pelted with sharp flying things when he step onto the field or maybe his teammates will forget to block him or accidently cause a broken thigh bone.

Sorry, I go off!

hoop said...

OMG! On the subject of douches...I just read about a guy from your fair city called Dimetri the Lover and listened to his phone call to Olga.

Is this guy for real? If so, you ladies up there are really lucky.

K said...

Dimetri was real. Thoughts were it was a prank but it turned out to be all to real. Dude is a douche

hoop said...