Tuesday, August 11, 2009


A little bit of greatness.

Dane Cook tells Vanessa Hudgens to put her damn clothes on at the Teen Choice awards. This little piece of advice was cut before the broadcast though...BOOOOOOO.

I don't understand why, don't you think "Girl, you gots to keep your clothes on! Phones are for phone calls, girl" is good advice? I do, I'm getting that shite on a t-shirt.



hoop said...

I loved the way the look on her face changed. At first she was like "Oh it is so all about me" and then it was like she was about to cry.

Little asshole.

Bell said...

LOVE IT! I heard about this Virgin Radio yesterday morning and thought it was hilarious!

Melissa said...

did Dane Cook host the awards?

eva said...

Yes haha I loved How he was like were Vanessa hudgens and she's all excitied awww sad haha than he just rips into her - good advice maybe something her dad might have wanted to mention to her earlier haha