Friday, August 14, 2009

Gosselin Smack Down

The cops were called to Jon and Kate Gosselin's home last night after the ex's had a verbal smack down outside the house.

It was Jon's day with the kids and Kate apparently didn't approve of the babysitter Jon had helping him with the kids so she went ape shit.

The cops came and had no choice but to tell Kate that she couldn't go past the gate. The custody agreement states that it was Jon's time with the kids so she booked it to the nearest Days Inn for a vending machine dinner and Full House marathon.


hoop said...

Ape shit is one of my favorite terms!

This woman reminds me of Heather Mills for some reason. They are both delusional and insane?

Anonymous said...

She is nothing like Heather Mills. She did not marry John for his money. I think she is just trying to be a good mom... have you seen the tabloids headlines John has made (as in he himself giving interviews and prancing around like an idiot!).

JEWELS said...

I think I would go mental if I was that close to my kids and a cop told me I couldn't go into my own house. That's the chance you take when you starrt getting into custody agreements and stuff. The law has control of when you see and care for your own children, it sucks that they couldn't come to an agreement without legalities. Although that's never really a possibility.

Oh and I wish I was Heather Mills, I'd take the brand of a bitch for that sweet divorce settlement. Now she's a rich bitch.

Bell said...

LOL Jewels your hilarious. I know all about the custody game, I have my stepkids 50% of the time because my hubby fought to get equal rights. I think John is D bag, but he may be a good father.

For the record Heather Mills was not happy with her settlement... greedy biatch!

Karin said...

Look at what has come of a happy little TLC show. I actually just feel bad for everyone invovled at this's gone too far and these people just need to get on with their lives. The catch is, they now rely on the money from the show.

eva said...

wow this is too much - time to turn the cameras off and try to deal with this situation together. This would piss me off if I didnt agree with the babysitter that was there with my 8 kids... especially but because theres a high probability jon is sleeping with her haha.