Thursday, August 13, 2009

Heidi Montagwas interviewed by her husband Spencer for the newest issue of Playboy (the one she's in) and here's what she had to say about sex.
Buckle up...
“You know, I was never very sexual before I met you, Spencer. I knew what
sex was, but when I met you I entered into a whole new realm of understanding,
from fantasy to love. Or to experience a day with 20 or 30 orgasms. Before you,
sex was just something that happened. Now it's something I look forward to every
minute of the day."
Yeah take that image in a little bit. Just as sick as I am? Well then my job is done.


jana said...

Gee I wonder who wrote up her answers for her...20 or 30 orgasms in a day...sure Heidi we believe you

hoop said...


Good point Jana...he is just such a stud...EW!

Melissa said...

My sentiments exactly Jana!!
I wonder what daddy with the shotgun thinks about his little girl posing in playboy.