Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I'm back and I feel like Tara Reid after Spring Break. It's not pretty folks, Knut feels my pain up there.
Here are some big headlines you probably have not missed over the last week...
  • Katherine Jackson was granted full custody of Price, Paris and Blanket.
  • Mark Whalberg got married and it wasn't to me it was to his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his three kids, Rhea Durham.
  • Jude Law revealed that he is expecting his third kid with someone he had a brief relationship with, aka a booty call who forgot her pill.
  • Several media outlets had reported that Patrick Swayze had a heart attack but the rumors were denied and his rep says he's "doing very well".

Now lets get to it...

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hoop said...

I read about your Mark.

My condolences.

hoop said...

I love this little guy.