Wednesday, August 05, 2009

New Mom To Be = New Paparazzi Target

Here's the mother of Jude Law's next kid.

Her name is Samantha Burke and she's supposedly a celebrity groupie. TMZ has photos of her partying with Tyrese, actor Jeremy Piven and Philadelphia Eagles player Stewart Bradley. She apparently brags about her celebrity conquests, the most recent being Jude Law.

I wonder if there's some sort of Maternity Leave pay for celebrity groupies because she's obviously off duty for a while. She'll hit pay dirt with the child support though so not to worry.



jana said...

was it a one nighter???

JEWELS said...

they say it was a "brief relationship"...yeah that's what I call them too.

7am: "Ya we decided to break up, wasn't really working out"

jana said...

he has three kids already right??

7am...that's long-term to me

hoop said...

Pay got that right! This woman is no dummy.

I just saw a movie named The Holiday with Jude Law. I liked it and he looked really good.

JEWELS said...

I love that shite Hoops.

And he was hot in it, I didn't want to think so but I did.