Monday, August 17, 2009

BP Got a Job

The new Sherlock Holmes film has been done shooting for a while but when Guy Richie (the Director) was editing he thought he needed to make Sherlock's arch enemy Professor Moriarty a bigger part of the film since he's only mentioned. So who you gonna call...why Brad Pitt of course.
Brad will start shooting all over London in what's expected to be a ten day shoot.
Brad and Guy have worked together before on the film Snatch. There's no way a professor will match the HOTNESS that was Mickey O'Neil though...

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hoop said...

SNATCH? Can only guess what it is about...LOL.

K said...

Dhoop.........GD it we have spoke about this movie before and you said you were going to rent it. Have you not done this yet? You're missing out girl.

hoop said...

I will immediately go to Netflix and order it!

I have the memory of a small gnat.

Plus all of this pressure with Jewels leaving.

hoop said...

Holy crap, K...I did watch it and gave it 4 stars but I don't remember it. I'll rent it again. Must have watched at a friends while consuming mass amount of wine and BSing.

What am I going to do without my cyber big brother to keep me in line? JEWELS???