Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Call Peta

So are you ready for this story?
Earlier this year Lindsay Lohan attended a private party at 10ak in New York, also in attendance was Masha Markova and her fur coat. Masha claims she placed her coat on top of all the other coats and went about her night, but when she went to collect her human flesh jacket it was gone.
She dealt with it and moved on.
That is until she was flipping through a magazine in February and she saw Lindsay Lohan wearing her coat while gallivanting the streets.
Masha contacted her lawyer, who contacted Lindsay's lawyer and guess what?!? 10ak magically called Masha said they found her jacket. It was returned to her, but Masha claims it reeked of smoke and alcohol and there was a tear in the lining.
She's now suing Lohan. She wants an apology and a $10,000 rental fee.
In conclusion Lindsay Lohan's grimy.
I say call PETA and they will solve this.


jana said...

that is too funny..Lindsey stealing a jacket from a party...

Anonymous said...

Unless Masha is 15" taller than Lindsay, it's a different coat. Look at the difference in length between the two coats.