Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jessica Alba Got Married

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren tied the knot yesterday at the Beverly Hills Courthouse.
"According to a source, they were married in the Beverly Hills courthouse's ceremony room under an arch of green silk foliage and white flowers. They were casually dressed, with Alba wearing a long blue dress and her hair back in a ponytail. "
I wonder if she's smiling in the wedding photo?
Good luck Cash!


April411 said...

Either there is a side to Jessica Alba that we don't know or she has this guy drugged. I use to like her until the paparazzi finger stuff and the no smiling. I think she is an arrogant punk and I am taking bets on how long this relationship/marriage lasts.

jana said...

What does he do?

JEWELS said...

She met him on a set, he was a production assistant.