Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Other Woman

This is Marie-Anne Thiébaud, 37, she is the woman Mutt Lange left Shania Twain for. One question, is he blind? She's like a mix between Sandra Bernhardt and Lynn Spears.
"Mutt and Marie-Anne left their spouses for each other and are still in a relationship," says one source, adding that the Swiss employee was a fixture in the household ...
"Their two families would vacation and spend holidays together," says the source. "Shania considered Marie-Anne one of her best friends."
Shania should totally move back to Timmins and work at Tim Hortons.


April411 said...

Oh my goodness!!! She is like 10 miles of bad road. Well he was butt ugly so they are a perfect match!

jana said...

I guess they were getting it on while on the family vacations..
but really is the switcharoo so bad?

Anonymous said...

looks have nothing to do with it. you could have the hottest woman in the world... but if she's a cold fish in the sack... that ugly betty starts looking really good. if that ugly betty puts her heart into it and makes her man feel wanted... the looker doesn't stand a chance in hell.

Anonymous said...

amen to that!!! once you get to a certain point in life it has very little to do with looks. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Anonymous said...'s the facts ladies. It's not how pretty a lady is, but how good she is in bed.

That's the bottom line. The other woman may have been a freak in bed and Shania a bore. I'll take the semi good looking freak over a boring beauty any day.

Anonymous said...

Shania is one of the prettiest women alive. I know looks have nothing to do with it but neither does how good she is in bed. If he truly loved her this wouldnt have happened.
cheating on someone is totally immoral and no matter what you say to back HIS actions up, what he did is still wrong and always will be. He not only affected her by cheating, but he also affected their little boy.
she and her son are the ones that has to go through all the pain and suffering while he gets off dating the other woman happily. Believe me, once you cheat once youll have no problem with doing it again.
Cheating is never the answer, one should try and work things out (especially when there is a child involved) and if that does not work get a divorce. After the divorce he is free to sleep with whatever sluts he wants, but during a sacred marriage is never the right choice. I hope he feels like shit and I hope his reputation is ruined so that no one else would like to record with him .. I also hope that the UGLY girl he cheated on Shania for regrets what she did to that family as much as the husband should .. both cheaters are totally to blame!

Angel said...

I can not beleive how ugly your words are! It's not rather you are a bore or not, affairs are not always about quality of sex or quanity! My husband of 18 years had a three year affair with a woman that persued him for 15 of our 18 years. I was busy with our children, career, house, & his family issues! He was my life mate, my best friend. I thought I knew everything about him, But what I didn't realize was that I took him for granted, I thought he understood the stress I was under, but what he understood was that I had put him in last place, here she was wanting to put him in first place. I was skinner then her, and more successful then her, and if I do say so, more attractive then her. But she was available anytime anywhere no strings attached, no children, no intereptions! How can I compete with that? It was pure sex! We had a great sex life, when we could! But he wanted "Easy Quickies"! The happier you are, the more people want what you have, so beware ladies, there are whores out there wanting to steal your world, and when it comes to sex, he just may let her!

orbisoft said...

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