Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ridiculous Story's Always End In Headbuts

Kiefer Sutherland went IRA on Jack McCullough (half of the fashion duo Proenza Schouler) last night in NYC.
Apparently Jack bumped into Brooke Shields at SubMercer ( a bar) and knocked her over but failed to apologize. Kiefer saw this an went over to demand Jack apologize, they had words so Jack pushed Keiffer and in turn Kiefer head butted him.
Police were called Jack was taken to the hospital and held overnight.
Kiefer's still on probation from his last DUI...good luck with that Buddy.


K said...

Who is Jack McCollough?
Good for Kiefer. Good Canadian boy.....It's playoffs around here and he is probably homesick.Playoffs mean blood.

I don't understand how not everybody loves the sport of hockey. Whats not to love?

hoop said...

Men with no teeth.

jana said...

what in the hell...I'd hate to be barrelled over while I was out for night...
I'm with Bud who is Jack?

hoop said...

I guess that later Brooke said that she didn't what Kiefer was talking about. Maybe Keif had a few too many cocktails.

d said...

playoffs mean blood. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!