Friday, May 29, 2009

Bump Watch '09

Heidi Klum picks her son Henry up from Karate.


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hoop said...

Huge, ugly dogs. Some people should not wear sandals.

jana said...

hoops calm that down cause I have big feet as well

hoop said...

I have a thing about feet! Ugly feet should be covered but just long ones are okay. I have Flintstone feet. Have to order through Zappos to get my size.

K said...

My feet were quite sexy.

GD soccer cleats on Monday night ruined them. Can barely walk on the tender tootsies now.

hoop said...


According to you, everything about you is sexy.

What mag will you be posing for?

Off topic: Just out of another doom and gloom meeting. Good thing I thought to put a bottle of vino in the fridge...should have put 2!