Friday, May 29, 2009

Make It A Sing Off

Adam Lambert has responded to Clay Aiken's blog post where Clay said Adam's singing made his ears bleed.
"I don't know Clay," Lambert told Access Hollywood Thursday. "I'm glad he's getting headlines now though, because he wasn't before."

If he wants to ride my coattails about it, good for him," Lambert said
before giving Aiken a thumbs-up sign.

I call for a cage match.
In other Adam Lambert news apparently there's speculation about his sexuality. Like how people speculated that Elton John was know 'cause it was really touch and go for a minute there.
He says people can "keep speculating". Right.

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hoop said...

Oh God, a cage match would be great! I would pay to see these two with their claws out doing the windmill action. And there would be tears.

jana said...

I love what he said to Clay...Clayster is probably stomping around fists waving in the air...

Oh that Adam keeps us guessing

K said...

Cage match. I would love it.

hoop said...

Mascara smearing :)