Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baby News...it's official

Mel Gibson's rep has confirmed that Mel's new girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva is indeed knocked up with the actor's 8th child.
A source tells People that Mel couldn't be happier and he loves being a father, also that this didn't cause the divorce, apparently Mel didn't know she was pregnant until after the divorce papers were filled.
Mel also went on Jay Leno last night and confirmed the news.
Gibson, 53, said he took the blame for the divorce. "My wife and I, our marriage ended three years ago and we've been separated ever since then," Gibson said. "These things happen. It's unfortunate, it's sad, but you know she is an admirable woman – we still got kids together. We're friends."

When Leno pressed Gibson by asking, "So what happened?" Gibson replied,
"Look. When it's all said and done, I did a pretty good hatchet job on my
marriage myself. I'm to blame. If you're inclined to judge, put it here."

Leno then joked with Gibson about his dating a younger woman. "What, is
she 17, 18?" Leno asked. Gibson replied that Grigorieva was almost 40 and "now I
am going to have two women mad at me!" Leno then said, "The rumor I have heard is that you guys are going to have a child?" Gibson then confirmed, "This is
true. We're gonna have a child."

He went on to call himself Octo-Mel, Grandpa seems more fitting to me.

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jana said...

she doesn't like almost 40 in the pic....
you never know what happens behind closed doors so good luck to them

hoop said...

I read that she was 29. Maybe he meant almost 30.

What a hypocrite...Sugar Tits Gibson!

liza said...

i googled and she is 39 she does look good