Monday, May 25, 2009

Breaking News: Jared Leto Walks Shirtless

Oh so far away from the HOTNESS that was he just looks like the dude from Lost.

I know I have referenced that picture of Jared Leto about 765 times but I don't care.

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jana said...

LOL...Breaking News

a little Kurt Cobain'ish in the hair and face....

K said...

WTF? Don't you ever!

This F***** poser should bnot even be thought of let alone mentioned in the same breath.

It's a GD shame on you J-Dog.
OMG you ave no idea how close I am to coming up to the 4th floor to give you a talking to.

jana said...

Ok calm it doon down there.....I was simply saying there is a mere resemblence...that is all
I am so sorry for offending you Bud...LOL
I better watch my back tonight at soccer
btw one of your sisters agrees with me and it's not Jules...

liza said...

what a rat!! remind me not to rob a bank with you!!! lol