Friday, July 03, 2009


Footage of Michael Jackson's last performance has been released. The rehearsals were taking place at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles. It's weird to see him so alive so close to his death.

Here's what's been going on in the saga that is Michael Jackson's death:

  • Debbie Row will fight for custody of the kids, Prince, 12, and Paris, 11. Rowe told a Los Angeles television station that she will prove she is the biological mother and that she's stepping up because she has too. She says she would take custody of Blanket (the youngest) in order to keep the children together. Debbie may also seek a restraining order against Joe Jackson.
  • The will reads like this, Katherine Jackson will get 40%, the kids another 40% and the last 20% is to go to Children's charities.
  • Jackson's body had multiple injection marks and Propofol was found in his home by police. Propofol, an anesthetic, is used to put people out before major surgery. It's said that Michael used the drug to sleep and often "had cravings for anesthesia". It's very likely that this drug could have cause the cardiac arrest.
  • Jackson will be buried in a 14k gold plated, $25,000 casket

Michael's public memorial will be held at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles on Tuesday, July 7th at 10am. 11,000 tickets will be handed out to the public (free...not $25 like previously reported).

His family says there was never any plans to have a public viewing, he will be buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in the Hollywood Hills.



Melissa said...

I thought I had heard they were doing a public viewing at Neverlands today..

JEWELS said...

That's what was reported but the fam said NINE

Bell said...

Off topic - What is up with the dude in the plaid pants at about 24-25 seconds in... is there something in his pants or was he just really excited to be so close to MJ?